Thursday, June 3, 2010

Distracted by blissfulness.

I feel I've been neglecting the blog because I'm distracted by blissfulness and generally having a lovely time. I promise to do better. Not! Summer Mom is here and we adore her, but we acknowledge that she is a total flake. Blog post for the next few months will be uneven, infrequent and misspelled.
You say, "So, pretty much business-as-usual then?"
Yeah. Pretty much business-as-usual, smartass.

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  1. Oh I'm right there with ya! Once school is out all bets are off as to having any type of consistency with the blog...but I certainly will give it my best effort. I'm also preparing for a local craft event in August which is going to keep me busy. Ok, ok so it's not the big FABULOUS SF International Gift Show like someone I know.(You know that was said with much love, right?) ;)

    Misspellings, infrequent posts and all, I still love me some Ms. Bananasaurus Rex blogging!

    Be well,
    Tania :)


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