Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aloha Laurent!

And Mahalo! This little lovely arrived on Thursday, straight from Lambert in Brooklyn, but had to wait until today for it's debut. I'm certain it would have ably assisted me on Friday's amusement park frolic with 15 5-year-olds but I couldn't bear the thought of someone pouring chocolate milk into it on it's maiden voyage.
And so, and so and so.... it skipped along with me to the farmer's market this morning and promptly stuffed itself full of sweet peas, proving only that the bag is as smitten with me as I am with it. The sun is out. The world smells of strawberries. My hair and my children are behaving. And I'm pretty sure it's all because I have a new bag. xo!


  1. BananaSaurusRex has left a new comment on your post "why i love living in california!":

    Num! Can I come over?

    In response:

    I love the tote...especially with sweet peas peeking out!

  2. hi rebecca,

    i saw your shop at cosa verde and im featuring your sweet apron on my blog today. you're welcome to visit anytime :)


  3. WOW Love that picture!
    Do you and your adorable boy want to become my regular models?
    This bag was meant for you, no doubt! xxx

  4. Oh! I love Lambert's stuff! I've been savin gup for a bag of something! Love him!

    xo Erin

  5. Sun, strawberries, sweet peas and a gorgeous new bag made by you know who - sounds heaven


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