Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three unrelated things:

1. Pompons. Or are they pompoms? I like "pompons." Sounds more old-timey and a little pretentious.
2. Good tidings today from both Poppytalk and the rikrak studio. Details to come.
3. Had the following conversation with Fin....
Me: Do you want to share a banana with me?
Fin: Yes.
Me: Do you want it rolley or monkey?
He looked at me like I was crazy - kind of like you are right now, but the thing is, Fin and I have this conversation at least 12 times a week, and suddenly, today, I'm crazy. (We also spend a considerable amount of time each day sneaking up on and scaring the bejeezus out of each other, and I really hope he doesn't start looking at me sideways about that because it is superfun to make a five-year-old jump out of his skin and then be asked to do it again.)
Me: What?
Fin: (with a full eye-roll) OK! We'll monkey it, whatever.
Whatever indeed.

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