Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the Burbs.

I live in the suburbs. In a tract home. It doesn't matter which one because they're kind of all the same. But, I'm on a mission to kick the ever-lovin tract out of my home. Come along, won't you?


  1. Seriously, the burbs?? I pictured you more in a neighborhood of SF, but maybe that's just because you are doing your Oakland fair. What is life like in the burbs, for real. I'm curious, since of course it is probably the opposite of my city life. Please please talk about burb life!! Do you drive a mini-van?? Just kidding :)

  2. Seriously. The Burbs. I used to live in SF, but it's really quiet out here and I never never ever think for even a second about where I'm going to park my minivan.
    Just kidding - no minivan. But I wish I had this:


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