Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great big ballistic good lordy, and other things I don't ordinarily say, along with things I say altogether too often.

You know how sometimes you read or hear something that speaks to your heart in a way that stops it and makes you fall down? Because it's the answer to the question you didn't even know you were asking? And the sayer of the thing that stopped you is not Anais Nin or Ghandi or anyone, but just a blogger you read every day and adore and somehow that makes it better and more meaningful and awesome in every way?
Do you know what I mean?
I didn't think you would, but anyway (maybe if I keep talking it will become more clear, though that's hardly ever the case) - Liane recently said this:
i don't want to give up or deny my creative desires. i want to organize my life around them, not push them aside to live as i think others expect.
and then my heart stopped and I fell down. I still haven't quite up-righted myself, but I do feel better. So. Okay. I'm a creative person. That's what makes me happy. I will organize my life around that. My house is a mess and dinner is late and I'm not going to take any crap about that. So there.
And I've been making space. Space in my home and space in my day - Or at least trying not to feel super guilty about the space and time that I already take to be creative in....
As if I'm not already a bad enough housekeeper......
SEE? how the guilt came right back in?
I have to work on that.
Stunning photo that doesn't have anything really to do with this post, but just seemed to fit, by Futurowoman Fotographie.
And you can read all of Liane's awesome post here.

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  1. Fantastic! I am FINALLY beginning to not feel guilty about my other jobs being pushed aside to devote more time to my "making". For the past few months I have driven myself a bit crazy trying to run my creative biz and take care of all the other stuff-cleaning, shopping, picking up child, walking dog, laundry, blah, blah,blah. And might I say, I have a fabulous partner who helps with these things as well. Yet, since I work from home I still feel some type of archaic sense of responsibility to get it all done. Well, I realize...I just can't. Some days I can do more than others and other days the creative takes over and the laundry sits in the dryer waiting to be folded. I don't think the laundry minds much so I won't mind too much either.

    Anyway, sorry for the ranting. I'm not even sure if what I wrote is exactly on topic, except to say, that I am trying to make more room to organize my life around the creative as well!!


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