Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of running and rain.

I went running in the rain last night and though that might be just plain silly, it is one of life's great joys. Rain is certainly one of life's great joys and running - is somewhat joyous some of the time, but sometimes I think I could live without it. But I can't live without spaghetti and wine, and so run I must.

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  1. I love that idea about running in the rain. It reminds me of our childhood days where we were more carefree and didn't think twice about getting wet. When it rains here, I urge my son to get under the umbrella with me so he doesn't get wet. He looks up at me and innocently says, "but I want to get wet." :) Gotta love it! And yes...this gal loves the pasta and wine as well!


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