Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday and Today.

Yesterday, I did not manage to entirely wright my business ship. But, I did have a big glass of wine after not having done so. (Lambert, I know you'll be pleased to hear it.) And, I found that once in a while, when you have two unrelated thoughts in your head, like:
1. I really need to get my wholesale ducks in a row
2. I think I'd like to do a show in LA
someone will call you and ask you to do a wholesale show in Los Angeles. Once in a while.
Today, I felt like just getting the kids out the door was a full day's work. So, when we've dropped the youngest ones off at preschool, Julie and I are going to the bookstore. The bookstore, people!
We will browse and wander, caress a glossy cover or two along the way, whisper, open novels to random pages and get lost in prose.... and the magazines. Magazines. It's almost unbearably sweet.

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  1. I loooove the book store without kids. Heaven. That glass of wine sounds pretty good too.


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