Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Materials.

The world of textiles is an imperfect one, filled with imperfect choices - so I thought I'd tell you about some of the fabrics I'm using and why. And then you can have some candy.
This is a vintage tablecloth produced by the Weil and Durrse Company (est. 1924), from their Wilendur line — at least 30 years old, probably more, and in fabulous shape. There are hundreds of Wilendur designs, often featuring a repeating pattern of 14-inch images. This is their "Dogwood" pattern, which dates from the 1950s. I'm going to cut it up and make some aprons and totes out of it.
The upside: Already exists in the world, probably in a drawer somewhere. Heavyweight cotton fabric, softened with use and washing. Absolutely gorgeous pattern - feminine, but simple and modern. I buy a Dogwood tablecloth every time I see one - in yellow, red, grey, forest, and lime green. If you find a black one, let me know. They're rare.
The downside: None that I can see. With any vintage piece, there may be holes or other damage to work around. In general, I find that signs or wear, age, and storage add beauty and uniqueness to a piece and will be left in as long as they don't compromise the structure of the final product. In a world of imperfect choices, this is one of the better ones.
Alright, go have some candy.

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  1. i made aprons with vintage tablecloths for gifts this christmas...i find the "good" tablecloths sell fast and for a lot of money. the dogwood is lovely.


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