Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Materials. (Honestly.)

The world of textiles is an imperfect one, filled with imperfect choices - so I thought I'd tell you about some of the fabrics I'm using and why.
This one needs little introduction - it's conventionally produced cotton.
The upside: Inexpensive, easily sourced, abundant variety.
The downside: Cotton is one of the most chemically-intensive crops grown in the world, using pesticides and defoliants that are known human carcinogens. It's bad for wildlife, and for the people who work in the cotton fields or live near them.
How I justify using it: I don't buy much. (Sometimes, though - there's a Liberty of London or an Anna Maria Horner that calls out to me - and I buy it.) What I do buy, I use every centimeter. I will keep and find a use for any scrap more than an inch square. I take "destash" - bits of fabric that friends no longer need or want - things that would have been thrown away otherwise. It's very "mend and make do," which is somewhat satisfying.
It's one of the least best choices (Honestly.) and I choose it the least often. There you have it - imperfect.

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