Monday, February 22, 2010

My new mantra....

The last of the boxes shipped today. All stacked up, they were not taller than a five-year-old. Which surprised me a little. So, now I'm taking a moment to feel really really lucky that I get to do this work that I'm so passionate about, and that I have this opportunity and that I get to go be a craft-geek for four whole days!
Okay, moment over. Time to make hang-tags.
My new mantra? "Oh, calm down. It's just a craft show."


  1. This is really exciting! I hope that everything goes really smoothly! Is it your first time away from the little ones? Cheers to lots of sales!!

  2. Thank you, Faith...
    I've been away from my monkeys before, but never for this long. And - don't tell anyone - but my handsome husband has never been a single parent for more than about 12 hours.... so we'll see how that goes.


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