Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of birds and boring you.

Autumn Owl, 8.5 x 11 inch print, $20 at DearDodo

I had this dream a few nights ago (and Yes, I'm aware that the best and fastest way to bore you is to recount the contents of my dreams, and yet I press on) in which I found a nest of five tiny speckled eggs. I brought the nest inside and the eggs hatched five teensy weensy perfectly-formed adult owls that whistled sweetly, flew around the house and fit themselves into wee spaces like thimbles and pistachio shells.
I'm so obsessed with this dream that I had to do online dream interpretation (and Yes, I'm aware that this is tantamount to believing in astrology or Keynesian economic theory, and yet I press on). This is what I found: Birds and eggs are generally a very good omen. If you dream of a nest full of eggs, you will soon see some financial gains. If the eggs are few or tiny, your windfall will be small but significant, coming at a time when you need it most. But, if you see birds hatching, your gain will be delayed.
Not a bad start to the new year, right?
Now I see birds everywhere. The keychain Julie bought me has birds on it, and the necklace she is wearing today. There was a bird stuck in the gym at school and Bob Marley's Three Little Birds is stuck in my head. I could go on and on.
Are you bored yet?


  1. Dream interpretation doesn't necessarily have to involve trying to predict the future (like astrology). It can be more about trying to understand thoughts you have repressed or concepts that you have put together unconsciously and understand intuitively but not ratonally, which isn't that farfetched.

    So a flying bird, for example, could stand for freedom or a desire for freedom (being able to fly freely)- of course, the type of bird and your attitude toward birds would affec the meaning.

    An egg could stand for something new in your life that is "hatching" and is still in a somewhat fragile state.

    Source: http://www.meaningofdreams.org

  2. First, I love that print and Vivi of DearDodo is one of my total besties on etsy. Second, I kind of believe in astrology and dream interp. Sue me:) I also like to discuss my dreams with others whether they enjoy it or not. I like your dream. It's the ones and the recounting where there really is nothing significant going on and there are a lot of boring details that are boring. My husband likes to retell those dreams. Snooze. Don't tell him I told you.


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