Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Roam freely.

Seriously? Is the summer practically over? Because, it's my favorite. Suddenly it's not an expanse of sun-drenched lazy days stretching out as far as we can see, but not enough weeks in which to wedge a season's worth of adventure.
And? I bought school shoes today. I don't want to talk about it.  

Our pup dictates the rhythm of our days now, and I'm grateful to have a fabulous dog-friendly West Marin Bed and Breakfast (lunch and dinner) (you cook) (it's my parents' house) where I am allowed to roam freely and for free.
Ongoing feelings of failure and inadequacy have been mitigated by the President of the United States, who told me: You failed? Well, that's what you get for trying.*
And by my favorite cheerleader/therapist/parents who said: Shut up, you're doing a great job.** And: Maybe, read more fiction and fewer tweets.**

* I'm paraphrasing. And inferring.
Also, he wasn't talking to or about me. I found it inspirational anyway.
** Again, totally paraphrasing.

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