Friday, June 17, 2016


Well, kind of. Not really. Not at all. Nevermind.
As of today, we are officially done with the 2015/16 school year here. And done with Elementary School altogether - which is bittersweet and slightly heart breaking and totally stomach turning. No chance to go back and do that over. Better.
I'm ready though. To move into the next part of my parenting journey. I'm calling this part: teach them to make toast and send them to college. I may also teach them what the branches of government do, when to use a turn signal, and how to be a good boyfriend. The list keeps getting longer. I'll let you know how it goes.

One of my kids just came in to ask when the Cold War was, and whether it was scary for me.

Shadow does not understand why everyone does not want to be friends with her. She is very confused by joggers, cats, and squirrels who do not want to hang out. Also, not everyone wants her to lick their baby. Weird, right?

One more thing - I love these pictures.

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