Monday, April 29, 2013

Around here....

Around here, the roses have exploded.
Around here, I got my first straight-up "Mom, you're crazy" from my 10-year-old, who did not raise his eyes from Tron: Evolution for this milestone. I'm a little surprised that it took ten years.
Around here, I consider putting clean sheets on a bunk bed an Olympic event. No offense, Ryan Lochte, it's very athletic.
Around here, I am feeling quite full of energy, the very soul of possibility, very Onward. Unafraid to use words not in the way they were intended. It's my favorite part of my mood cycle. (I have always assumed that the mood cycle would flatten out - at least a little - as I got older. It has not. I thought I would have mellowed considerably by now. I have not. If anything, I'm still myself, but more so.)

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